Pac-Tank: The Final Assault

Pac-Tank is a small DOS computer game that I, along with Andrew Nichols and Terry Croteau created in our Computer Science 30 class at Bedford Road. (Some of the other people who helped play test and fix up the program include Danny Nichols, Lucas Preete, Robert Perreault, and Carey Underwood.) We created it with Borland Turbo Pascal 4.0 (I know that's ancient, but that's all the school had!) It should run on just about any computer with a VGA display. (Let's just say that if your computer can't handle it, you had better be getting a new one pretty quick!) Only problem is that on faster computers than this program was created on, say, Pentium II, it tends to run too fast because the Borland routines don't seem to do a good job of keeping the run speed constant across different computer speeds. Apparently there are utilities you can get to temporarily slow down your computer so that you can play these kinds of games, and you may want to try that and see what happens.

The basic idea of the game is that there are 2 tanks on the screen (represented by circles with a line in the middle for the turret). You drive your tank around and shoot the other guy until their shield goes down to 0, they die, and you win. You can get more detailed instructions from the TXT file included with the game. Some of the instructions in there may be out of date since some changes may have been made since it was last updated, but you can get the general idea.

Please note that we are not responsible for any damage this program does to your computer (even though we know of no way in which it could!)

Download (64K)

Maybe someday I'll make an updated version of this thing in some other language like Java..

This program can be freely distributed or modified as long as you give us credit for the original program.

If you have any comments about this program, feel free to email me at [email protected] .

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